Annie Pothen, RN,BSN,CLNC

Annie Pothen is a Registered Nurse and Certified Legal Nurse Consultant with over 32 years of professional nursing education and experience in:

  • Critical Care
  • Cardiology
  • Medical/ Surgical
  • Pulmonology
  • Endocrine & Infertility departments

Over the years working in those capacities she has developed a unique communication style with people both in and out of the medical field. Whether interviewing patients, medical staff, witnesses or other interested parties, she employs her lengthy medical experience and knowledge, CLNC education, and learned empathy and tact to filter through the mountain of information needed to understand a case. 10 years of experience with electronic medical records and documentation systems qualify her to decipher records that are often confusing to interpret. The fact that she is still working with a reputed hospital at bedside gives her a competitive edge in understanding the inner workings of hospital’s staffing, delegation, policies, and procedures. Her unbridled passion, positive energy and years of experience is the wind beneath the wings of Annex Legal Nursing Consultancy.